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Who we are…

We are a Family Owned professional horse transport company fully insured and licensed with the DOT. We are centrally based out of Kentucky, and transport to anywhere in the continental United States.

As horse lovers, owners, and professionals ourselves, we take great pride in giving each horse we transport the best possible care through the entire process.


What We Do…

Horse transport is our passion! Whether you are looking for a safe, specific, and comfortable ride for your horse or want the kind of attention that a family-owned company can provide, we’ve got you covered.

Location to Location

We are centrally located in Kentucky and will transport your horses anywhere in the continental United States.

We also have our own layover facility that we use whenever possible to minimize the chances of uncontrolled circumstances and undue risk.

How We Do It

Whether its the regular cleaning, maintenance, and sanitizing of our rigs and equipment…

Or the non-stop video feed, scheduled stops, and feeding…

We ensure that every aspect of the trip is completely safe and comfortable for every horse from pick up to drop off.

What You Can Expect

Along with the professionalism and safety, you would expect from a horse transport company, we also walk you through the entire experience from start to finish.

Whether this is your first time transporting a horse, or just your first time with us. We will let you know what to do and when to do it to ensure everything goes smoothly for you and your horse. 

Layover Facility

We are excited to introduce our new layover barn. Although we do not use layover facilities more than we have to on our cross-country trips we do layover at our home base facility ‘when’ passing through Kentucky. 

This facility will be used for horses in transit by MG Horse Transport only. NOT open to the public for layovers, so you can rest assured that any horse staying at our farm is healthy and fit for travel. 

What’s the First Step?

What Our Customers Are Saying

We Transport All Over the Continental United States.