How We Do It…

We are DOT & MC Authorized for Hire, Licensed, Compliant, and Commercially Insured. Our units are visibly marked and we follow all DOT/MC laws when transporting.

We ONLY haul clean loads; We do NOT pick up or drop off to/from rescues, kill pens or dirty auction houses, or any such type of facilities that are considered high risk.

We treat your horses like our own.  With that in mind, we go the extra mile to ensure that our equipment is always safe and clean for every trip.

We diligently follow a regular cleaning and sanitizing regimen to ensure the best possible environment for your horses.

Equally as diligent are our equipment maintenance and inspection schedules.

The bottom line is that there is never a time that your horse is ever unsafe in any controllable factor during transport with us.

Our rigs are able to be configured to fit your transport needs, whether you wish to have a more traditional style trip with a single slot and cross ties or prefer a half or full-stall space.

Again ensuring safety, all of our trailers are wired with cameras that we monitor live in the cab of the rig during the entire trip.  That way if there is EVER a question if there is a problem, we know about it immediately!

We are able to safely haul all sizes and breeds including stallions.

Key Features:

  • Wide doors for safe entry
  • Ramps for safe ground loading
  • Fans in trailers
  • Insulated trailers to keep cool in summer and warm in winter
  • Single, Double, and Box Stall Configurations
  • Extensive Ventilation – Roof vents as well as multiple windows on fronts, backs, and sides.
  • Multiple equipment storage locations
  • Closed circuit video from trailer to the cab
  • Disinfected and inspected on a regular basis

So contact us for a quote and to find out what our current haul schedule is.  You can also follow us on Facebook for regular updates on trip schedules.

We are happy to serve you!