Our Facilities…

Horse looking out stall door


Our Private Facilities

We are excited to introduce our new layover barn. Although we do not use layover facilities more than we have to on our cross-country trips we do layover at our home base facility ‘when’ passing through Kentucky. 

This facility will be used for horses in transit by MG Horse Transport only. NOT open to the public for layovers, so you can rest assured that any horse staying at our farm is healthy and fit for travel. 

12×12 matted stalls, fully insulated, natural lighting and airflow, and turnout paddocks to come. 

Located at our home base in Hopkinsville Kentucky we will offer short-term boarding and discounted shipping rates to clients that want to bring horses here, or pickup here, for either end of the transport process. 

We spared no expense in our effort to make this the most comfortable facility possible. Our mission is to make every aspect of equine transportation as stress-free and comfortable for the horses as possible, from start to finish. In our custom luxury trailer or our boarding barn, you can rest assured that your horses will have the best care and accommodations in the industry.