What to Expect From Us

Here at MG Horse Transport, we do things a little differently than most transport companies. Specializing in long-distance transportation our mission is to provide the most luxurious and comfortable transport accommodations available in the equine industry. Safety and Comfort are our top priority, ‘Not Volume’.

Our trailers are designed by us and custom-built for safety and long-distance comfort. All horses are accessible without unloading one to get to another. If there were an emergency we are able to attend to each horse individually, keeping our handlers safe as well as your horse secure and calm. All the dividers in our trailers are built so that babies and even small minis cannot get their legs in-between bars or under the dividers. 

Our box stalls are 8×10 and the trailer is air ride with an 8-1/2 feet tall interior height, fully insulated with extra windows and vents for ventilation and cameras in each stall to keep an eye on the horses at all times. 


We can also configure the trailer into multiple other configurations from box stalls, to stalls and 1/2s  and single stalls. We can do all this without offloading horses if need be. 

On long-distance trips horses overnight in a large 8×10 box stall. We do not use horse hotels more than absolutely necessary for liability, safety, and health reasons. Our box stalls are big enough for horses to move around and even lay down if they want to. Horses rest comfortably and so do our drivers. Safety is a priority! Our CDL drivers do not run extreme hours and do not drive fatigued. Stalls are picked twice a day and re-bedded as needed throughout the trip to ensure fresh clean and comfortable stalls at all times. Horses are provided high-quality hay and fresh water at all times as well as administered electrolytes and probiotics if needed and we can take care of any additional request you may have for your horse(s). 

We have a tried and true method of transporting all different types of breeds from babies up to senior horses from coast to coast and we stick to that method as best we can, however, each horse is different. If you have a horse that requires special care please call us and we’ll be happy to discuss what the best transport options are for your horse(s) 

Every trip is monitored live in the truck via full-color cameras in each stall in the trailer. It provides the opportunity to ensure the complete well-being and safety of each horse during the entirety of the trip.

If there is a situation requiring veterinary care, it will be provided at the owner’s expense and with the owner’s prior approval. 

Our professionals are trained experts recognizing not only obvious needs for veterinary care but also indicators of stress, dehydration, colic, and other potential transport-related issues. 

All aspects of equipment and facilities are continually monitored and maintained to the highest of industry standards to ensure a comfortable and uneventful trip from start to finish. 

To see walkthrough tour videos of the inside of our van with horses onboard feel free to visit our YouTube channel under MG Horse Transport.