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What You Can Expect From Us…

From the instant, we arrive on the premises you can rest assured every detail of the transport experience is being attended.

With the knowledge and capability of our friendly professionals, your horse will be very well cared for from the moment of pick up to the moment of delivery.

Upon arrival at the pickup location with all final paperwork being completed and any last minute questions being asked and answered by both parties, your horse(s) will be loaded transported and cared for the entire reach of the journey.

Beginning with being loaded into a freshly bedded and completely enclosed horse transport van with available single stall, stall-and-a-half or box stall.  Your horse will regularly be attended to with stops for water and refreshments of hay nets as needed (unless the owner specifies no hay on the journey).  If grain and or supplements are needed along the journey, supplied by the owner or horse agent, they will be fed at specified times and quantities.

All windows and vents will be attended according to current weather conditions to ensure a comfortable ride for your amazing cargo. During cold weather seasons, blankets (provided by owners/agents) can be applied if needed or requested.

Every trip is monitored live in the truck via the use of in full-color cameras in the trailer.  It provides the opportunity to ensure the complete well-being and safety of each horse during the entirety of the trip.

If there is a situation requiring veterinary care, it will be provided at the owner’s expense and with the owner or agent’s prior approval.

Our professionals are trained experts recognizing not only obvious needs for veterinary care but also indicators of stress, dehydration, colic, and other potential transport related issues.

Owners and/or agents will be contacted via means provided before any veterinarian care is given unless the owner makes other specific arrangements in writing for emergency situations.

All aspects of equipment and facilities are continually monitored and maintained to the highest of industry standards to ensure a comfortable and uneventful trip from start to finish.